Hints and Tips

Typically around 80 % of a buildings energy usage is to heat the building and to provide hot water. Below are some tips to help reduce your energy usage and save money on your household bills.

  • Seal the building to prevent excessive heat loss, but maintain air vents in working order. In the typical home 50% of heat loss is through drafts and open doors.
  • Insulate the floor of your attic and access hatch. This is relatively cheap and easy.
  • Upgrade your external windows and doors
  • Install heavy curtains over windows and doors, close these at night. Ensure the curtains don’t cover the radiators.
  • Service your boiler regularly. Regularly servicing your boiler will ensure it will run efficiently and prolong its life.
  • Use energy efficient lighting and turn off unnecessary lights
  • Use your electrical appliances efficiently.
  • Dry clothes naturally. Try not to use a tumble dryer to dry clothes where possible. Dry clothes outside where possible or inside in a well-ventilated and heated room. Try not to place clothes on radiators as this prevents the heat reaching the room and is inefficient.
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