Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum I can order?
The minimum amount you can order is €150

Can I change my order?
If you need to change your order, please contact us as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

How many litres are there to the gallon?
There are 4.546 litres to an imperial gallon.

What is the VAT rate for home heating oil?
All domestic customers pay 13.5% VAT on home heating oil, regardless of quantity.

When can you deliver?
A next day delivery service is provided, but in the event you do run out of oil we will do our best to deliver to you the same day. Every effort will be made to make the delivery at a time convenient to you.

How do I know how much oil was delivered?
Our vehicles are equipped with mechanical meters calibrated by Weights & Measures to ensure that you receive the quantity invoiced.

Do I need to be in to receive a fuel delivery?
No, if access is easy, or we have been to your property before, we can deliver without you having to wait in for our driver. However your order would have to be paid for before the delivery. Any special instructions should be given at the time of ordering.

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